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Finding Your Purpose: Prayers to Discover your Purpose and How to Start Life Assignment, Find your Calling & Career

Length: 50 pages37 minutes


The dream of every man on earth is to discover his or her life purpose early in life and start his divine assignment. This is because living outside one’s purpose of life could be very frustrating and often lead to untimely death through emotional sickness and at times, poverty.

Some people are wealthy in life, yet they discovered that wealth could not buy them peace – I mean inner peace. Many, whom you think are successful in life, in real sense, they are not. This is because; true success is doing what God created you to do and being rightly at the center of it. When a man is on the path of his destiny, he enjoys fruitfulness and fulfillment, also good health and inner peace.

To this end, in 'Finding Your Purpose: Prayers To Discover your Purpose And How To Start Life Assignment, Find your Calling & Career', Author Moses Omojola offers you 115 Purpose Discovery prayers and guides you on how you can start your life assignment and become fulfilled in life. 

This is a must have for choosing career, finding your passion and understanding your purpose.

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