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Off the Edge

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OFF THE EDGE delivers nine stories of choice and circumstance. "Alone" takes us into a post-apocalyptic world where Mae, a young girl receives a surprise package and must decide if it's a token of hope or doom. In "Man in Blue," a kidnapped-teen struggles to save herself from the trunk of a car. "Fate of the World" explores corruption and politics across the aisle, as ex-lovers, Gerry and Deb, debate it out over a bottle of whiskey in a dingy motel room. "Wise Ones" takes us on a journey out into the desert with FBI agents in pursuit of a mysterious light and possible salvation. In "Pancakes," a lonely truck driver picks up a teen boy only to discover doing the right thing may be the worst thing she's ever done. "The Bath" explores a man's decision to take back control of his life and death. In "Ten O'Clock" a seasoned hitman wakes to discover he's the first target of a brand-new hitman, his recently promoted driver and Sam breaks in to a mobster's house in search of evidence, but finds more than he bargained for when he meets the daughter in "Standing in Between." In "Baby Face" Nancy desperately wants a baby and believes she has found the perfect solution, but quickly learns it may be too perfect.

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