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Holistic Dentistry.: Your Teeth. Your Body. The Correlations.

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The teeth of human beings are unique!
The fewest people are aware that body complaints can correlate with the teeth and the jaw. This book shows the incredible correlations! Illnesses in the mouth can impair many areas in the body. A wrong tooth position can prevent that it is possible to bite in the right manner. In this way stomach- and intestine-problems can result. Breathing can be disturbed as with mouth breathing. Mouth breathing can cause a sore throat and postural problems. A dead focused tooth can damage the immune system. Diseased gums are discussed as reason for cardiovascular diseases. Wrong tooth position can hinder body posture and the development of the sceleton. The list of the correlations is long and complicated. Exactly these correlations play a crucial role in holistic dentistry. To find an overview about the where, how and why, is the idea of this book and the author.

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