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Hi there! 

My friend Robert texted me one day in London: “Angelos, I’m flying to Moscow tomorrow. Can we catch up tonight at the pub to teach me a little bit of Russian?”

Initially, I thought…”WTF? Is he serious? What has he been doing all these days?“

I know that it takes at least a couple of weeks to get a Russian visa sorted in the Russian Visa Centre in London. So, he definitely didn’t decide to fly to Moscow today! 

But then I thought...that’s a challenge! That’s a James Bond mission impossible...maybe possible! 

Can I teach him the very very basic?

What is the very basic Russian?

How do I teach him the very basic?

If I had only a couple of hours, a pen and a few blank sheets, what would I write down for him?

Sometimes, tight time restrictions can awake motivation: “Yes, we can do it!”

In this book you’ll find the things I wrote down for Robert that evening in the pub.

The very basic. In the simplest words ever. 

I have to say that I enjoyed the challenge but I wrote this book for the next Robert who will ask me to catch up on the day before he flies to Moscow.

If you see yourself in Robert, read this book. 

Don’t f***** call me.

Kindness and smiles, 

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