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Kings & Queens

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"Oh my goodness, I was so happy to read this book. It answered all my unanswered questions from the previous books and gave me the happily ever afters for all the characters I've come to care about so much."

"This book was amazing! Once thought enemies become friends and friends become traitors. There's mystery, suspense and of course love for all! Luthias gets the love he deserves and even Gwendoline finds her happily ever after. This book was perfect! It took everyone and everything and gave it all its perfect ending."

"Holy bat signal, Batman! This book just blew my mind! With the story line from the first two books, certain things had been laid as foundations. Certain people made out to be villains, others made out to be good guys. Some of those things just got tossed out by their ear onto their bottoms in the middle of the East River. WOAH! While things heat up on the Bartholomew front, we hear of another called Accalon. Who is he? What role does he have in all this? Who are Julia and Pierre working with? Oh wait, Pierre is in the dungeon in Vampire Land. What mysterious thing is happening to our beloved Queen and future Verso Witch? Who is behind Bartholomew and his weapons? There is so much going on in this book between duplicitous people and hidden agendas that my head felt like it was spinning at times, but I have to say I could not put this book down. It was an epic conclusion to what was going on. Can and will our gang of Fae/Werewolves/Hybrids/Vampires/Mutants ever get past the war that is raging with Bartholomew? Will they ever find safety? You're going to have to read to find out, but you really need to read the first two books ahead of this one. Well done, Eileen Sheehan! Well done!"

" At the beginning of the book, it seemed as though there might really be nothing to tell, but the author kept the twists and turns coming throughout the story. "

The story that began in Vampire Witch and continued in Vampire Queen, of Casey Merker's love for two vampire brothers, finally comes to a close. More trials await Casey as she battles the New World Order to regain peace in her kingdom, gains more knowledge and abilities in the magic department, eliminates some enemies and makes friends with others and finally marries the vampire of her dreams while looking forward to living in a world of peace and harmony.


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