Guru: The Rarest Life Treasure

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Guru: The Rarest Life Treasure

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Guru: The Rarest Life Treasure is the second book of the Guruvakya Meditations series that is designed to help you deepen your inner relationship with the Divine Source, which you might know as Krishna, Christ, God, Divine Mother, or, as is the focus of this book, the Guru or spiritual Master. In this volume, you’ll get 365 Guruvakyas so you can use a different insight each day of the year. Use them for the five-minute 3-Step Guruvakya Meditation described inside, and you’ll quickly deepen your unique connection with the source of Divine Love, the indweller of your heart, your Guru. Paramahamsa Vishwananda is an enlightened spiritual Master who has the unique ability to awaken the soul’s inner Light and Love, helping us all advance more quickly toward the ultimate goal of life. Naturally being a living example of the focus of this book, His personal connection to ‘the Guru of all Gurus’, Mahavatar Babaji, is profound and timeless.

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