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Beginning of the End: Surviving the Era, #1

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This book is part of a trilogy called Surviving the new era and it is a post apocalyptic trilogy. It takes place in near future, Banks and Chinese, Divided American Army and Russians are fighting it out. Voice of the hero tells the story of his life and times with a very optimistic yet descriptive way. Who Albert is, what Albert will be doing in few years, who will stop him, what are some of the forces in effect in lower Manhattan, post nuke bombing time square?, Albert will even give details advice to you what could you do if you were him, in this diary section Albert tells us about the city life, fishing in Hudson, Running from Chinese Patrol, Gustapos and others and still have a life, live and love and eat well and have fun in the process all thanks to his training. It has 3d illustrated renderings as well as setting images.
Copyright © 2011 by Celal Boz

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