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Amish Love Saves All: Peace Valley Amish Series, #3

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Violence. Redemption. Love.

In the wake of Wayne Lapp's brush with tragedy, the Amish community of Peace Valley has made it clear that women are allowed to work and earn money outside the home. Yet still, some resist. An Amish widow faces pressure from her beau to close her small touring company, the only income that sustains herself and her small children. Another Amish teen a similar choice when her boyfriend insists she leave her job in a local diner in order to "be a good Amish woman." And when this pressure shifts to violence, can the residents of Peace Valley, working together, truly move past antiquated views of a woman's place in order to save themselves?

Find out in Amish Love Saves All, Book 3 of the Peace Valley Amish series by Rachel Stoltzfus. Amish Love Saves All is a thought provoking Christian story that will hold your interest and give you joy.

If you love well written Amish fiction that will keep you turning pages to know what happens next, start reading Amish Love Saves All today!

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