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Remembering the Treasure Within

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"The scripture is a moving word. Every time you read it, it has remained the same words, but you are never the same person reading it."
Shortly before Keith's wife, Sue, passed to Spirit, he promised her that he would write another book. This book is the fulfilment of that promise. In it, Keith reveals some of the touching communications he and Sue have shared since her earthly death. This deeply personal book is particularly special to Keith because before that promise, he had believed his fifth book, It Just Is, would be his last.
At the time of Sue's passing, Keith had no idea what the contents would be of the book he had promised her he would write. Three months later the book was completed. Keith held its publishing back until his sixth book, Daily Inspirational Messages from the Heart, was released in 2017.
In Remembering the Treasure Within, Keith explores how we continue to grow and evolve in life, moment by moment, physically, emotionally and spiritually, which is why we are never the same person at any point in time. What a fascinating game of life we are all participating in! Every time we grow, we are given new particles of energy, to encourage us to seek further growth. If you do not continue to grow, you stagnate and life loses its excitement for you.
Each person’s life path is unique to them. Somewhere along our life path, we begin to realise that our true self is spirit, created in the image of God our Father. We also understand that God is perfect, without limitations, and that everything in the universe is divinely created, and nothing is impossible to God or to any of us. We just have to believe it to see it.
You will find much to think about in this special and enjoyable book.

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