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The Well of Secrets (The Palâdnith Chronicles Book 3)

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Seth, Eni and Val Falkyn stand at a crossroads. The Citadel of Lies now lies behind them and the Collar of Jade is lost.

Floriana DeSanith convinces the brothers that in order to gain the skills they need to rescue their mother from Moden, they must first become Sentorân. Reluctantly, the brothers return home to Barrowthorne, to begin their training - a decision that they eventually come to regret.

Meanwhile, an ambitious young realmlord travels to Deep-Spire with hopes of power and glory. At the same time, Edessa Delfen - who has escaped the Malwagen - begins a hunt for the man she deems responsible for the death of her lover: Seth Falkyn.

When a new discovery comes to light, the brothers' focus changes once more. Instead of continuing their training, they set of on another quest - this time in search of the mythical 'Well of Secrets'.

However, there is far more at stake than the brothers realise...

The first two instalments of the Palâdnith Chronicles are both available on Amazon (Kindle and paperback editions).

Journey of Shadows (Book One of the Palâdnith Chronicles)
The Citadel of Lies (Book Two of the Palâdnith Chronicles)

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