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Space Rangers: Mercenaries

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Year 2535
The citizens of planet Earth were going about their daily routine. The military was monitoring space radio traffic and travel. The local government was monitoring the movement of people traveling around town as they shopped and the kids played in the parks. Joggers kept fit as they exercised. Some people cooked breakfast as others got dressed and ready for their daily routine. Unknown to them, Earth was about to be attacked and take a heavy blow. The people of Earth were going to be used as slaves.

A wormhole quickly appeared. A huge alien ship passed through it, stealthily descended, entered Earth’s atmosphere and began dropping huge bombs from the sky. The bombs pounded the Earth’s surface like raindrops on all four quadrants of the planet. The explosions were devastating as a well-planned attack. There were scores of people burned beyond recognition. Hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed. The major population was in disarray. Most of the military ships were destroyed upon impact.

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