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Yantra Tattoo

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Yantra Tattoos : What is "Yantra Tattoos" for?

"Yantra tattoo" (Sak-Yant) can be divide in two parts. Tattoo (Sak) is mean use the steel tip that dip with ink or oil then prick on the skin for make alphabet or pattern. In case of use ink we call "ink tattoo" and in case if use oil we call "oil tattoo". The wording "Yantra" (Yant) is mean ancient alphabet.

What is "Yantra tattoo" (Sak yant) for?

Yantra tattoo was found the recorded history since antiquity from all around the world but different by culture and faith of each region that in antiquity these came from believed and faithful to encourage and to be the symbol of each tribe.

This book is show the examples yantra thai tattoo (Sak Yant), The popular of Yantra Tattoo (Thai yantra tattoo) around the world and the yantra tattoo designs (thai sak-yant tattoo designs) such as gao yord, tiger tattoo, hah taew etc.

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