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The Gypsy Pearl Book 3: Tye: The Gypsy Pearl, #3

Length: 200 pages2 hours


At last Caz has made it to the third planet in the Granbo System, the watery world of Tye. She, Alf, and the gypsy Maddy must make their way from the polar ice cap to the tropics, stopping in a diverse array of colonies along the way. Caz would love to relish these new experiences, but time is running out as her various enemies draw nearer. In the race to complete a power-granting quest that will save the entire fanep species, she discovers what leadership really requires—ultimate sacrifice! 

Excitement, humor, betrayal, romance, unique worlds and creatures combine to make this the perfect finale of a thrilling ride. Three worlds, three powers, three gifts ~ one epic adventure!

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