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The Gypsy Pearl Book 2: Craggy: The Gypsy Pearl, #2

Length: 218 pages2 hours


After growing up on a space station, Caz finds herself a fugitive on her way to the planet Craggy. The harsh, frigid mining colony supplies most of the mineral ore used throughout the Granbo System, but its lawless, violent culture makes it a dangerous destination for one so young. Armed with her pearl-given strength and her enhanced memory, she hopes to pass as a male miner long enough to find the third item in her quest to cycle the Gypsy Pearl and obtain a last mystic ability. With her friend Alf and the fanep creature, King, she unravels plots of intrigue that threaten to overturn the balance of power throughout the Granbo Charter. Along the way, she finds allies to her cause—and more enemies than she can escape alone. 

If you love action adventures with a hint of romance, don’t miss this gripping installment in the Gypsy Pearl trilogy.

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