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Trouble in Egypt - Bastet's anger

Length: 264 pages4 hours


Altares, the pharaoh Ramses II’s beloved cat, was murdered. Because of this act, the highly-protective goddess of cats, Bastet, gets angry and releases ten terrible cataclysms on the country!

Nety, a 10-year-old girl, makes every effort to find the author of this crime. Guided by the counsel of her grandfather, who was wrongly accused of the crime, she goes to find the gods to request their help, for nothing but sacred artefacts can help her to identify the murderer.

From Abou Simbel temple to the city of Saqqarah, Nety explores the most famous sites of Egypt searching for clues. Not alone, as she’s accompanied by the ghost of the cat Altares, whose soul will never find rest until the assassin’s identity has been revealed…

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