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A Hustler's Son II
A Hustler's Son II
A Hustler's Son II
Ebook219 pages3 hours

A Hustler's Son II

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Kelsi is more vicious than ever, as he returns in this gripping tale second only to the original, A Hustler s Son!

A few months after receiving what was said to be his mother s bloody heart on Christmas Day, Kelsi seeks revenge on those he feels are responsible for her vicious murder.

Believing that the culprits are in New York, Kelsi takes only a back pack and a heart full of hate as he bum rushes the city on the search for Kyope and Jarvis. He s so dead set on revenge, that he doesn t realize he s being set up by those he trusts. And by the time it finally comes to past, he s already way waist deep.

Just when you thought it was all over, a revelation so real is born, that this finale will leave you breathless!

Release dateNov 15, 2016
A Hustler's Son II
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T. Styles

Author. Show Host, Motivational Speaker. Award Winning CEO of The Cartel Publications - an international, independent publishing house, Mean Girls Magazine, Rich Bitch Publications and Cartel Urban Cinema. Toy's publishing house, The Cartel Publications, is the face of today's urban fiction and street fiction industries. In both the digital and print world, the Cartel represents the best her generation has to offer in African American literature. She has aptly been dubbed "Urban Fiction Empress" and "Literary Master". Toy is multifaceted and currently runs an independent publishing company, movie production company and a copywriting agency in the Washington DC and Maryland area. In addition, she facilitates her popular seminar "How To Write A Novel In 30 Days", using her non-fiction novel of the same title. Toy consults authors and publishing houses on what it takes to achieve success and longevity in the industry. She has been featured in The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, Essence Magazine, Don Diva Magazine, Oprah Winfrey's Network and Urban Book Source. She has been awarded Author Of The Year by AAMBC and was voted Most Underrated Author by The Urban Book Source. When not writing, running the Cartel or producing independent movies based on her company's novels, Toy travels and shoots videos for Cartel TV, a show geared toward her publishing house. Her first movie, 'Pitbulls In A Skirt', under her movie production company Cartel Urban Cinema is due first followed by 'Mother Monster'. Her novels include, The End (How To Write A Book In 30 Days), A Hustler's Son (series), Black & Ugly (series), Raunchy (series), Shyt List (series), Pitbulls In A Skirt (series), Redbone (series), The Face That Launched A Thousand Bullets, Quita's Dayscare Center, Reversed, Luxury Tax, and Cold As Ice. www.thecartelpublications.com - www.richbitchpublications.com www.meangirlsmagazine.com - www.cartelurbancinema.com Specialities: Publishing, Writing, Public Speaking (Motivational, Branding, Writing), Copywriting

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    I enjoyed this series. I highly highly recommend this series.

Book preview

A Hustler's Son II - T. Styles

Chapter One

Janet Stayley is in bed masturbating when her on and off boyfriend Delonte knocks on the door. It’s 3 in the morning and she’s startled thinking somebody has died or something tragic has happened. Prior to that, she kicked Delonte out of her apartment because she caught him in the car kissing his cousin Kenosha. When Janet surrenders and opens the door, Kelsi is angry and expresses it in the way he disrespects him.

Chapter Two

Kelsi and his friend Bricks walks to school talking about how he disrespected Delonte the night before, by implying that he’d kick his ass if he steps out of line. The boys find humor in the matter and go on to talk about Kelsi’s girlfriend Lakeisha. Once at school, Kelsi gets into it with Keisha’s ex-boyfriend Charles who never got over her and hates seeing the two of them together. Kelsi clowns him in front of everybody and she leaves on his arm. Later while walking home from school he holds Kelsi at gunpoint strikes him and kidnaps Keisha. Kelsi goes home and solicits Bricks and his brother Melvin’s help. When they finally catch up with Charles at a mall parking lot, Keisha isn’t with him. Angered, he pistol whips Charles as Bricks and Melvin watch. When he returns home, Janet’s boyfriend Delonte is there and attempting to play the father roll when he sees the bruises on his face from fighting Charles. Kelsi jumps in his face and reminds him that he is not his son and he doesn’t respect or fear him. Kelsi challenges him and Delonte backs down. Disgusted by his weakness, Kelsi hates him even more.

Chapter Three

Janet comes home from work exhausted. Right before she enters her apartment, Charles approaches her and gives Janet a message for her son. Although the message appears harmless, Charles knows that once Kelsi finds out he approached his mother, he’d be furious. Once inside her home, she senses the tension between Delonte and Kelsi. When she tries to find out what went wrong, they argue again and she removes Kelsi from the situation by taking him into his room. In Kelsi’s room she gets a sense of how much he cares for her by looking at the pictures of her over his room. It’s clear that their bond is unbreakable.

Chapter Four

Kelsi goes to a party with Bricks at a local fire department. The entire time he’s there, Charles is on his mind. He knows the altercation they had is far from over. And…he can’t wait to get to Keisha, who’s at his house waiting on him in his room. She’s not fully alone. Delonte is there. And Kelsi forbade her to leave his room believing Delonte’s attracted to her. When he and Bricks leave the party, to drop him off home, Bricks reminds him that he has his back no matter what. Once he’s dropped off, Kelsi leaves the car and walks into the night, the moment he does, Charles approaches him.

Chapter Five

Kelsi kills Charles in self defense and dumps his body in a trash bin outside of his apartment. With blood covering his body, he enters the apartment and is enraged when he sees Keisha on the couch talking to Delonte. He sends her to his room and threatens Delonte again. As usual, Delonte backs off and Kelsi and Keisha enter his room. He chastises her for not listening but lightens his mood when he senses her worry about him. Although Keisha wants to know what happened to Kelsi since he’s covered in blood, he doesn’t confide in her about the murder. Angry at Kelsi’s continuous disrespect, Delonte calls Janet at work saying Kelsi came home covered in blood. And when she asks to speak to Kelsi, he refuses to come to the phone. He wants Delonte to know he’s not moved by him calling his mother. Instead, he lies in the bed with Keisha and has sex with her.

Chapter Six

Janet comes home in a cab frustrated that Kelsi didn’t come to the phone after she requested to speak to him. She can’t understand why he and Delonte can’t get along. She puts Keisha out of Kelsi’s room and tells her to go into hers and wait for him. Then she gives Kelsi a piece of her mind with a bat in hand. She tells Kelsi how she wasn’t as soft as he thought she was. Janet tells him that she was raped by her father and her brothers before fleeing. Later she got involved with a girl gang called the Monopoly Honeys. She went in to detail about how she met his father, Lorenzo, and how she slept with him with her best friend Shelly at the same time because Lorenzo wanted to see how down she really was for him. And, that Kelsi and Lorenzo Jr., Shelly’s son, were conceived at the same time. Janet told Kelsi how Lorenzo beat Shelly so badly while pregnant, her son, Lorenzo came out retarded. Later Lorenzo chose Shelly and because of this, she and Shelly grew apart. Just when Kelsi thought he couldn’t hear anymore, Janet explained how she moved to New York and met up with a man who tried to kill her. His name was never given. In the end Janet told Kelsi if he ever disrespected her again, she’d kill him. Kelsi visibly shaken, dropped his own bomb by telling her he killed someone earlier that night. Devastated, Janet told Kelsi no matter what, she was there for him. Even if it meant helping him cover up the murder. Their bond in crime is formed.

Chapter Seven

Learning her only son was a murderer weighed heavily on Janet. When she wakes up from a deep sleep she hears Delonte talking to someone on the phone. He made comments about Janet pacifying Kelsi too much. He went on to say he was going to find out something and Janet had a feeling it had to do with the murder of Charles. This enrages her and she makes a promise to do whatever she has to protect him. Even if it means killing Delonte.

Chapter Eight

Kelsi has a lot on his mind after hearing everything his mother said to him the night before. Her being raped and almost killed was a lot for him to take all at once. While walking Keisha to the bus stop, she yaps over and over again about nothing. Kelsi chokes Keisha up because her talking prevents him from thinking straight. With killing Charles and hearing about his mother’s past, he wasn’t in his right state of mind. When he realizes he could possibly kill her, he releases the hold he has on her throat. He warns her about being with him, but she stays true accepting his abuse. Still, he doesn’t trust himself around her.

Chapter Nine

When Janet comes home for work, she tells Kelsi that they must kill Delonte. She’s worried if they don’t, he’ll tell someone about Kelsi murdering Charles. Although she doesn’t believe Delonte’s knows the facts, she doesn’t want to take the chance. Kelsi thinks his mother is crazy and wants to make sure he’s not a suspect in the first murder before committing another one. In the end, he refuses.

Chapter Ten

Kelsi is in class thinking about his mother’s request to kill Delonte. When he learns over the school intercom that Charles body has been found he becomes nervous. The teacher refuses to let him leave the room after he requests. When Kelsi disrespects the teacher, he leaves anyway and hooks up with Keisha. They leave school early and walk home together. Before stopping home, he calls Skully, his drug connect, from a convenience store payphone. Kelsi tells him that someone was murdered in the area Kelsi sells drugs in and that things may be too hot to pump. His connect demands he stays low key until things cool off. Kelsi obeys gets off the phone and goes home. With Keisha on his arm, they run into Kenosha, Delonte’s sexy cousin. He sends Keisha upstairs to talk to Kenosha alone. Keisha is angry but obeys not wanting to upset Kelsi again after getting on his nerves the day before. Kenosha offers Kelsi up sexually and he flirts but declines. Once he goes inside his apartment, Keisha hands him a card and runs into the house. She’s upset. Kelsi’s afraid after looking at the card knowing Keisha, in her naïve state, said too much.

Chapter Eleven

Janet walks in and overhears Kelsi and Keisha’s conversation. Keisha tells Kelsi that she told the police that he had a fight with Charles before he was murdered. Janet enters Kelsi’s room and sends Keisha home so that she can talk to Kelsi alone. She’s angered that Keisha is so stupid and that her son’s freedom may now be at risk.

Chapter Twelve

Kelsi walks to school with Bricks the next day and tells him about Keisha’s slip up with the police. Bricks attempts to comfort him by saying that as long as she didn’t say anything specific, he should be okay. Kelsi is still uneasy. Once at school, Kelsi notices Delonte’s truck. Delonte tells him to get inside and blackmails him. Delonte goes into detail about how Skully cut him off and now he’s no longer able to service his customers in the Woods, the same complex Kelsi hustles and lives in. Now, he wants Kelsi to sell drugs for him in Skully’s neighborhood. If Kelsi doesn’t, he threatens to tell the police the little he knows about him coming home the day Charles was murdered, covered in blood. Kelsi refuses believing he doesn’t have enough proof to cause him any harm. Until Charles reveals he has the blood stained shirt he wore the night of the murder. Angered and defeated, Kelsi realizes his mother was right all along. And he agrees murdering Delonte will be best for them all.

Chapter Thirteen

Janet was ending a private conversation when Delonte walked in on her. Although he didn’t hear the entire conversation, he had a feeling it was about him. When he asked Janet what the call was about, she brushed him off. Angry, he had sex with her at gunpoint. What scared him was that Janet enjoyed it. In her mind she was giving herself as a dead man’s final wish. Kelsi was at the door and watched their entire sexual encounter.

Chapter Fourteen

Janet and Delonte carry out their plans to kill Delonte. Afterwards, they dump his body in a park. With the night as their only witness, they pledge their lives together. And above all, they vow to keep each other’s secret.

Chapter Fifteen

Kelsi goes to Delonte’s house with Kenosha and has to endure seeing the pain in Delonte’s mother’s face. Delonte’s mother was certain something terrible happened to him since he hadn’t been home. Kenosha appears to be visibly shaken by Delonte’s death too. Eventually Mrs. Knight leaves Kelsi and Kenosha, who is staying with them from time to time, alone. Kelsi is there to get any money or drugs he may have had stashed since he knew Delonte was never coming back. In the process of roaming in his room, he finds nothing. He knew someone beat him to it. But who? Kenosha walked up on him during his search. He played it off like he went upstairs in the hopes she’d follow him, so they could have sex. And they did, raw.

Chapter Sixteen

Janet is upset that Kelsi is with Kenosha. She doesn’t trust her. Part of it has to do with her sleeping with Delonte, a man she loved at one time. And the other part of it had to do with Delonte being her cousin. If she was that careless to get who she wanted, who knew what she might do to conceive her young son. Janet didn’t want her anywhere near her son. While on the phone with Kelsi, Keisha clicks in and Janet develops another plan. To rid her son of Keisha, who she believes is weak; she formed an instant full proof plan. Janet secretly didn’t want any woman around Kelsi but herself. So Janet convinces Keisha to give Kelsi a hard time by seeming uninterested. She says if she does, Kelsi would want her even more. Keisha is persuaded in following her advice and Janet tells her Kelsi’s best friend Bricks would be the perfect candidate to make Kelsi jealous. After she hangs up with Keisha, she examines her bullet ridden body and remembers how Jarvis, her ex-boyfriend in New York, attempted to kill her. But she manages to escape, and Skully is the one who helped her.

Chapter Seventeen

Janet decides she wants to get back in the drug game so that she and Kelsi can escape all together. So she calls Skully and expresses her interests. He warns her against dealing business with him. He made it clear that he is not the same person she knew when it came to his money. He could be ruthless, but she insists. He doesn’t want to mix business with their friendship. Because since he saved her life, he looked out for her. And…even made sure her only son Kelsi worked for him to prevent him from getting mixed up with the wrong dealers. Skully eventually agrees to go in business with her and their call is over. Later detective Nick Fearson knocks on the door questioning Janet about the murder of Charles. When she’s unhelpful, he vows to bring her and her son down.

Chapter Eighteen

Kelsi feels on top of the world having recently slept with Kenosha. He goes to school and tries to talk to his girlfriend Keisha. She’s talking to Bricks and ignores him in the hallway. He’s embarrassed and tries to conceal his anger from his friend. He asks him what were they talking about and Bricks tells him that she was speaking of some talk show. His response makes him suspect that he wants to get with Keisha. Kelsi flips the script on Keisha in class by talking to some other girls and this breaks her down. She tries to make up with him unable to play the game, but Kelsi gives her a taste of her own medicine by ignoring her. At home, Kelsi learns from his mother that Skully and his mother knew each other. He also discovers he saved his mother’s life. Janet also shares with him that she knew he sold drugs. Kelsi feels betrayed. He also learns more about what happened to his mother in New York before she was shot, and associates the name Jarvis and Kyopes with her troubles. Most important, Janet tells Kelsi her next idea to murder his father, Lorenzo for the insurance money. Kelsi is left breathless realizing the cold blooded person his mother truly is.

Chapter Nineteen

Janet calls Shelly and asks her to care for Kelsi if something happens to her. Shelly is confused at first by her request because Janet doesn’t like her and she knows it. She eventually agrees. Later Kelsi wants answers from his mother. He wants to know why she allowed him to sell drugs. He feels used. Like she doesn’t care. Janet tells him that she knew he would sell no matter what she wanted and the least she could do was make sure he got them from the right person. Later Kelsi tells his mother what’s really on his mind. Kelsi believes Keisha is sleeping with his best friend Bricks. Janet confirms his beliefs by saying she saw them together in public. Kelsi is hurt and vows to cut them both off for good. Wanting to take his murder out on someone, he agrees to help his mother murder his father.

Chapter Twenty

Kelsi goes to school with hate in his heart for Bricks and Keisha after hearing what his mother said. He was clueless that his mother set Keisha up. Keisha still unable to take Kelsi’s rejection agrees to give Kelsi oral sex in the boy’s bathroom when he demands. And when she does, he treats her like a whore. Feeling like she lost him for good,

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