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Confessions 1

Length: 96 pages44 minutes


Some experiences just have to be confessed...

When a voyeur discovers a secret oasis of naked sunbathing girls, it's not long before the watched turn tables on the watcher... After learning the art of rope-play and a woman's love of vibrations in a special place, there's a guy who can get a girl to do anything, even in public... Who would have guessed that an uptight female teacher had such outrageous tastes? But the guy who thawed the ice-maiden learns that dirt has a special appeal... Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned; the trick is to learn how to love it... The only thing more thrilling than scoring with a sexy woman who plays hard to get is discovering a girl's secret desires. So in the first of three new Xcite treasuries of true stories, Miranda Forbes has collected the unexpected seductions of headstrong girls, and revelations of the shameful cravings in ordinary women.

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