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Breaking Curses, Yoke And Evil Covenants: How To Activate Spiritual Deliverance & Healing, Before Engaging Positive Prayer Declarations, Breakthrough Prayer & Release Of Detained Blessings & Finances

100 pages1 hour


This book helps you disconnect yourself from evil covenants, curses, witchcraft, spells and witch spells.

It enables you to break curses and come out of destructive habits, evil associations you've entered into knowingly and unknowingly in the past, deliver you from oppression, problems and burdens that have destructively crept into your life from time immemorial 'satanically' put in place to keep you in bondage, and deny you of God's blessings, fulfillment and untimely truncate your destiny.

Its revelation cut across your foundational beliefs, values, religion and more, leading to your freedom, wealth and total wellness.

Would you like to overcome life issues and excel in life like Cindy trim, David Oyedepo, Dr Juanita Bynum, Dr Olukoya, Dr Stanley, E. W. Kenyon, Elmer Towns, Enoch Adeboye, Erwin Lutzer, Jennifer Eivaz, Jennifer Leclaire, Joyce Meyer, Juanita Bynum, Charles Capps, then read this book that has been divinely orchestrated your way now.

Areas of relevance includes prayers for bobby, intercessory prayer, praying scripture, healing prayer, short prayers, prayer for protection, financial prayers, speaking in tongues, spiritual warfare prayers, prayers for finances, prosperity prayers, night prayers, prayer for, prayer point, prayer for favor, prayer for the dying, prayer for the sick, deliverance prayers, warfare prayer, prayer for money, prayers that avail much, prayer for blessings

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