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De Occultis Templum

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De Occultis Templum consists of two works by the author that share the same genre, most of the central characters and, ultimately, the central objective of the action, the search for treasures of great material and cultural value. Both are novels of romantic suspense, and although they are obviously narrative creations are based in the rich historical humus of our continent.
At the beginning of Golden Legend a 10th century saga narrates the arrival of a Viking castaway to the Mayan cities. He is accepted as an avatar of the God Kukulkan and marries a Maya Princess.
A genetic thread links those misty characters with a young Mexican archaeologist and through her with the members of an expedition set to find El Gran Paititi, legendary lost city of the Incas. Myths about lost civilizations are recurrent in all cultures because they exert an irresistible romantic attraction on the human soul. The search unfolds first in the Amazonian jungle between Peru and Brazil and in the forests of Peruvian highlands afterwards.
The expedition has attracted the attention of dangerous people led by a former Soviet intelligence officer who are looking for Paititi by its riches to put them at the service of a world power restoration project.
Finally, a strange millennial group of alleged descendants of the Incas intends to expel all foreigners who pollute their sacred site which they seek to preserve for the day of the resurrection of the vast Empire.
All these elements interact in the novel, creating a climate of sustained suspense and anxiety until the final climax.

Templars under the Southern Star begins when a child finds in the Patagonian beaches some strange stones carved with text fragments written in Latin and a cross of eight points. This triggers the action in the present, when the child ́s family members, including a Mexican archaeologist of Maya ancestry and her husband analyze the stones. Realizing the Templar origin of the inscriptions, it begins an arduous quest to uncover the fate of the treasure. First contact is a Swiss anthropologist living in the city of Bariloche, in a region of lakes of the Argentine Patagonia. One of their surprising findings is that there are still descendants of the Templars forming a millenarian brotherhood advocated by the values of their ancestors, based in remote areas of the Andean-Patagonian forests. Thither are headed the scientist in a research expedition. Their departure is detected however by a group of large-scale predators of cultural, artistic and archaeological treasures acting internationally, led by a mysterious former KGB colonel. They send a powerful armed group in the footsteps of the explorers.
Scientists make contact with members of the brotherhood, jealous care of their heritage, that includes not only material goods but one of Christianity's holiest objects according to the medieval conception.
Guided by the archaeologist, equipped with a special sensitivity for the detection of arcane, searchers are directed to a point inaccessible forest, in their search of the treasure .It is in those places where bursts a bloody conflict between the warring factions.

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