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In Santa's Sleigh, Polar Bears, Elves and Santa at the North Pole

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These tales, written by an elf, tell of Santa's exploits at the North Pole and at various places across the globe. Set on Christmas Eve and Christmas, the stories detail Santa's love of his work, his wife Clara, the elves and elf-children but most of all, the children of the world. Santa finds a bride, visits The Village of the Naughty to save a child, comes up with a simple solution to satisfy a greedy boy, tries to help his evil relative Auntie Claus, learns about the love of a dog, flies to the moon in a damaged sleigh and always searches for ways to become a better elf. The North Pole is a place of great celebrations and parties, fueled by Christmas cookies and milk and protected by the Polar Bear Guard, where work is play and the troubles of the world are overcome by good will and good cheer. Santa deals with the difficulties of his job by always keeping in mind that his life is meant to make children happy, and he does his best to do just that, despite the toll that it takes on him. Santa has to overcome much, but by the end of the book he finds a way to make sure everyone is happy, including himself.

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