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Special Operations: Grant's War

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Unfairly convicted of helping a killer in a drug related hit, Jack Grant faces five long years in the pen. Except the judge offers him an alternative, a chance to make a difference. Grant joins the infantry, and on the 11th of September 2001, the planes hit the World Trade Center. Soon after, they ship out for Afghanistan.

Grant’s unit is tasked with guarding Bagram Airbase. A safe assignment, where his worst enemy is a vindictive platoon lieutenant. That’s until the Taliban mount a massive attack on the airbase. Grant fights back like a demon, and discovers a natural affinity for the heat of battle. Impressed by his ferocity, an Army Rangers captain seconds him to assist with a special mission. It is the start of a long hard, battle for survival and to defeat many powerful and cunning enemies. Some are robed and bearded, and carry AK-47s. Others wear the uniform of the US military. At stake is his freedom, his life, and the life of those around him.

Special Operations: Grant’s War is an incredible story of a tough, violent man in a tough, violent land. Black-Ops: A full length novel by the bestselling author of many Spec Ops series. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo stories, Heroes of Afghanistan, Raider, Echo Six, and Devil's Guard titles.

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