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The Holy Spirit: Pentecost - An Examination of Today’s Christian Living and Doctrine devoid Of Fruits of the Holy Spirit

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The Holy Spirit: Pentecost - An Examination of Today's Christian Living and Doctrine devoid Of Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Finally, God broke His silence and spoke to this generation, in the prophetic through this great book. There is church everywhere but love is not everywhere - says Holy Spirit is a special message from God through the Holy Spirit to everyone, Christians and Church leaders all over the world. The book is a purgative; it expresses God displeasure over Church leaderships and Christian attitudes that are responsible for the shocking disappearance of love and genuine miracles in the Churches, and the ever-increasing crises in our world today.

In the footstep of a prophet, through the author, God reproves the churches of today anti-Christ practices. The book guides Church of God, Church leaders, Christians and Unbelievers on how to utilize God's truth and become powerful tools in His hand and transform the world, restore sanctity in the church, preach undiluted message that will manifest God's truth, spiritual growth and discipline, agape love, and above all, win back the Holy Spirit for world revival and global peace.

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