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Bad Boy Bear Volume 1: Bad Boy Bear, #1

94 pages2 hours


Danielle Reade needs to appraise a house in a backwater town she does not want to be in. There's no Starbucks, the bars on her phone are a joke, and her shoes are not fit for the terrain.

Making matters worse, someone is living in the house she's meant to appraise. Someone tall, muscular, and handsome as all hell. Weak in the knees, her stomach fluttering, perfect smile kind of handsome.

Almost enough to make her forget about doing a job she doesn't like. Until she's nearly attacjed by a bear.

Luckily, Ashford, her living, breathing fantasy man is there to save the day, but when it comes out that Ashford has a twin brother, and they're both bear shifters fighting over her for a mate, Danielle has just about had it.

Except now she knows what's pulling her towards Ashford, and to his brother James. But she's a one man woman, and James is dangerous. He's already killed a man, and Ashford has every intention of fighting to keep his woman away from his twin brother.

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