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Mars Journey: Call to Action: Book 3: A SciFi Thriller Series: Mars Journey, #3

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Mars Journey: Call to Action: Book 3 is the third book in the bestselling science fiction thriller series set in the near future:

A brilliant but disgraced former astronaut embarks on a modern day quest to gather and train the crew of the first international mission to Mars, but their assignment is thrown into jeopardy when a massive global technology conglomerate launches a bid to reach Mars first and claim the red planet as corporate property.

The Mars Journey series delves into the science, technology, drive, and determination of the human spirit to come together to overcome our greatest challenges, explore space, and become the first Martians to colonize the Red Planet.

"My SF reading past has encompassed Clarke, Asimov, Herbert, Del Rey, and the like, and I have to confess that they may have spoiled me for some of the newer authors.... Bill Hargenrader may well be an exception to that rule!" J Dunnet

“Finally got a chance to read your book! I LOVE it. We need more books like this and series of stories like this would be just awesome! “ A. Elliott

“Short enough with so much action that I could not quit reading until I finished rather late at night!” -Hank

This is Book 3 in the Mars Journey Series. This is a novella, 24,000 words, approximately 130 written pages. 

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