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Kensei Tales: Unorthodoxy

Kensei Tales: Unorthodoxy

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Kensei Tales: Unorthodoxy

64 pages
54 minutes
Jul 18, 2017


Sabrina Alvarez never wanted to be a superhero. But when she was chosen by St. Jeanne d'Arc, Sabrina had to rethink her priorities. Now an archbishop is trying to draft Sabrina into his secret army within the church, forcing Sabrina to make a decision about where her loyalties lie.

Jul 18, 2017

About the author

Jeremy Zimmerman is a teller of tales who dislikes cute euphemisms for writing like “teller of tales.” His fiction has most recently appeared in 10Flash Quarterly, Arcane and anthologies from Timid Pirate Publishing. His young adult superhero book, Kensei, is now available. He is also the editor for Mad Scientist Journal. He lives in Seattle with five cats and his lovely wife (and fellow author) Dawn Vogel.

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Book Preview

Kensei Tales - Jeremy Zimmerman

Kensei Tales: Unorthodoxy

by Jeremy Zimmerman

Book 4 in the Kensei Tales Series

Cover Illustration and Layout by Errow Collins

Copyright 2017 Jeremy Zimmerman

Cobalt City and many of its denizens are the creation of Nathan Crowder, used here with permission.

Smashwords Edition

Created through funds generated on Patreon


Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you're reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to Smashwords.com and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Table of Contents


Part One: Out to Get You

Part Two: Divine Intervention

Part Three: Fall From Grace

Part Four: Losing My Religion

About the Author

About the Illustrator



Thank you to Dawn Vogel for editing. Also many thanks to the generous financial support of Patreon backers Rebecca Moore, James Arnoldi, and Jeanne Thelwell.


Pícara landed in the middle of the bank robbers, extendable baton in hand. Two of them ran into her back, while the other three turned around in alarm. In the distance, a police siren screamed its warnings.

You chose the wrong day for villainy, criminals, she said.

The robbers bolted, but not before Pícara grabbed one of them by the back of his shirt. He tried to jerk away, but Pícara's superhuman grip was stronger. She dragged him backward and tossed him into another robber, sending them both sprawling.

The other robbers came to a stop when they saw three other masked women surrounding the group. Fortitude, Justice, and Temperance whipped out their telescoping police batons in unison.

Going somewhere, boys? Justice asked.

One of the robbers pulled a gun but was struck from behind by Pícara's baton. As he crumpled like a rag doll, the remaining robbers raised their hands in surrender.

Behind them, a police car screeched to a halt. Two of Cobalt City's finest got out and shook their heads. Thanks, girls. We really appreciate your help.

But of course! Pícara boomed, as she pulled out her grappling gun. We're happy to oblige.

She fired the gun and swung away. Behind her, the Templars followed. They settled on a nearby roof and looked out over the neighborhood.

So how were my quips? Pícara asked.

Justice looked at her with an arched eyebrow. Pícara always liked that look on Justice's face, even if the other girl was giving her grief. Those were quips?

Pícara kicked Justice in the shin. Justice kicked back.

I thought they were good, Temperance said. Fortitude nodded in agreement.

Seriously, Justice said. I had no idea. I had assumed you'd given up on 'whimsical swashbuckler' and were going for more 'pulp-era agent of vengeance.' The last bit was closer to buckling swashes, but was more Porthos than Errol Flynn.

Pícara spread her arms in frustration. What does that even mean?

Is it really that important to be a swashbuckler? Fortitude asked. I mean, ultimately what's important is carrying out God's will. Right?

It's about the legacy, Pícara said. Pícaro was a dashing hero of the people. I need to live up to that.

Nearby, someone cleared his throat. The girls saw a man in a red and black leopard print costume with a cat face for a cowl. For a brief moment, the image of a giant spotted cat lounging in front of a crucifix seared itself into Pícara's vision and faded just as quickly. She hoped this meant she could trust him.

Good evening, ladies. I'm looking for Pícara? She's supposed to be an avatar of St. Jeanne?

Pícara froze. Her connection to Jeanne d'Arc wasn't common knowledge and having someone just blab it out was more than she was prepared for, encouraging vision from God or not. Why are you looking for her?

There are a bunch of private military types from the Catholic Church looking for her nearby. I'm one jump ahead of the slowpokes and thought I should let her know.

Pícara's gut clenched up. This was not the first time armed thugs had come after her unexpectedly, but it was the first time someone had identified them as being Catholic. That made things worse for her on

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