Sweet Child of Mine

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Sweet Child of Mine

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It surprised no one when Sarah and Jack announced they were getting married right out of high school; not because Sarah found herself pregnant at 19, but because they had been inseparable since their sophomore year. Sarah gave birth to twins, Mark and Julie, and a year later, Jacob. They settled in the suburbs of upstate New York. Jack found work at a management firm and Sarah became a successful Real Estate agent. They had the ‘mom and apple pie’ life.

Their picturesque dream life turned into a nightmare when on a warm summer’s day at the local park, the penny dropped. Jacob was abducted. Gone, without a trace. No witnesses, no evidence, no ransom. The exhaustive manhunt for the 10-year-old lasted about a month. Then unimaginable happened, they found Jacob. His body was discarded along a dirt path in the woods of the state park. There were signs of torment and torture on his small frame. Sarah blamed herself for losing sight of him that day and fell into a deep depression.

Four years later, Jack and Sarah welcomed Christian into their home. The seven-year-old foster child turned adopted son never understood why Sarah was so overprotective. He obeyed all her restrictive rules without question and was a perfect child. So when he started acting out and outwardly rebelling at age 10, it confounded the couple. The traumatic turning point was when Christian began lashing out at his parents with physical harm. Jack and Sarah are frantic to find out the cause of their son’s bizarre behavior. It is not until Christian tells them about his friend that they realize just why they are suffering at the hands of their son.

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