Pretty Woman (Mystery Unfolds)

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Pretty Woman (Mystery Unfolds)

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While writing this letter, the very thought of your warm breath, soft lips, and slender warm velvety body has intoxicated me. My heart is pounding hard and is trying to come out of my rib cage.

What has happened to my heart I do not know, but it is all because of you? I wish to sing....

My innocent heart what has happened to you
Your cure lies in the hands of Madam.
You are restless; she is helpless.
Who knows how this issue will be solved.
Hello Madam

How did you like my soft blow?

It was a minor incident just to show you my might, nothing but for making Thomas your spy. It was a result of trying to deceive me and thinking me a fool. I had no other better option. I am helpless because of my heart; you are helpless from your habit.

I wanted you to believe that what I can do. For this reason, I presented an ordinary sample to you.

I hope you will understand. I have an ability to clip the wings of a flying bird. You were trying to move from one tree trunk to another, but I have an ability to move from one leaf of a tree to another. Don't be angry. This was necessary.

You are slaves of your habit. You are helpless of your habit. Perhaps, it is your habit. You understand yourself intelligent and think others just an idiot.

You are not just beautiful but cunning too.

Madam, you took my desire for you as my weakness.

It is true, the moment I look at you my heart pounds fast in an uncontrolled fashion. A strange fire fills in me. For some time, my mind stops to think anything other than you, nothing but you. Your intoxication spreads over me. Your glow, your velvety warm body melting in my arms, these thoughts flow through my veins like lava. Your sensuous waist coils like a snake around me. Your sweet voice and your eyes cast a spell on me. I feel as if you have come from the heavens; it makes me crazy just as your foolishness have made me crazy.

Anyway, you should not show your intelligence. The matters you wrote in your letter were false. I would have taken it on face value if Thomas would not come with you. On one hand, you extend your friendship whereas on other hand you try to befool me. What a game you played? Hats off to you Madam?

Anyway, now let's see what happens next.

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