The Alien Artifact (2018 Edition)

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The Alien Artifact (2018 Edition)

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Length: 230 pages2 hours


Scientists, military, archeologists, hunters, and treasure explorers uncover a fifteen-mile celestial flying saucer after it has been buried away for millions of years beneath a colossal crater in the center of a desolate uncharted Pacific island, with a monstrous extraterrestrial inside, with powers capable of destroying the galaxy!
A new military aerial detection system is being tested for the first time on a plane in the Pacific and an uncharted island appears and it detects something of unknown origins at the island just before the plane stops working and crashes.
They discover a lost world of Jurassic monsters and what they start to believe are unknown early or last dinosaur species, with other strange life forms, believed to be mutants or early forms of dinosaurs, trapped in the immense crater, surrounded by immense cliffs, at the center of the island.
After they leave the island, they soon return to the island with hunters and start capturing them, and they explore the cavity trying to determine what it is, and start to uncover the colossal fifteen-mile flying saucer buried under the ground, with the monstrous extraterrestrial entity inside, waiting to be revived, with powers capable of destroying the galaxy.

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