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The Alien Artifact (2018 Edition)

The Alien Artifact (2018 Edition)

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The Alien Artifact (2018 Edition)

230 pages
2 hours
Jul 1, 2017


Scientists, military, archeologists, hunters, and treasure explorers uncover a fifteen-mile celestial flying saucer after it has been buried away for millions of years beneath a colossal crater in the center of a desolate uncharted Pacific island, with a monstrous extraterrestrial inside, with powers capable of destroying the galaxy!
A new military aerial detection system is being tested for the first time on a plane in the Pacific and an uncharted island appears and it detects something of unknown origins at the island just before the plane stops working and crashes.
They discover a lost world of Jurassic monsters and what they start to believe are unknown early or last dinosaur species, with other strange life forms, believed to be mutants or early forms of dinosaurs, trapped in the immense crater, surrounded by immense cliffs, at the center of the island.
After they leave the island, they soon return to the island with hunters and start capturing them, and they explore the cavity trying to determine what it is, and start to uncover the colossal fifteen-mile flying saucer buried under the ground, with the monstrous extraterrestrial entity inside, waiting to be revived, with powers capable of destroying the galaxy.

Jul 1, 2017

About the author

A 21st century publisher/author famous for his unique classic mind-bending beyond space and time, alien artifact, and exploration themed science fiction, who did his first mind-boggling science fiction classic From Beyond Space and Time in 1998, who likes and writes 21st century potential blockbusters, headline action thrillers, high quality action-packed movie-style science fiction horror.

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The Alien Artifact (2018 Edition) - V Bertolaccini



The Flying Saucer

On and on the colossal flying saucer voyager hurtled on through the outer limits of space and time, powered by vast energy explosions, so powerful they ripped away at the fabric of space and time, and even made it temporary unbalanced, warp, and almost crack – across light years of space – with only its protective energy shield and voyager stability holding it from the effects, which many nearby worlds orbiting stars were subjected to in its field.

Star formations flashed by as it continued its expedition of exploration of the vast depths of the universe, with its massive sphere of light and trail from its propulsion system floating across the blackness of space, on the skies of worlds, like a giant ghost.

With mind-boggling accuracy it explored the unexplored stars of space – even voyaging through the central galaxies – exploring vast billions of galaxies throughout the expanse of space – while transforming its existence further from its original state, to what it encountered.

Ghostly shapes of life forms from extraordinary worlds flashed about the celestial being, as it studied them, as its flying saucer voyager shifted swiftly into orbit, and it plunged down through the atmospheres of worlds and its immense dark shape would go over and hover over mind-bending landscapes, as it investigated new life forms and phenomena.

On vast desolate worlds, silent and motionlessness, it would lunge over extraordinary entities and life forms and collect them, and hurtle upwards towards the stars.

With its mind-boggling technology and powers and an accuracy and capacity inconceivable it explored this galaxy, voyaging across star quadrants, exploring vast billions of unexplored stars throughout its expanse of space.

Though while leaving the confines of the galaxy, accelerating at a colossal velocity, it scarcely avoided colliding with an unknown phenomenon, and crashed into the surface of the Earth, leaving it buried away, and trapped.

Part I

The Discovery

Chapter 1

The Scientists

Shades of light, in animated motions, played over the Pacific Ocean, as the plane went high, and David Parker examined their strange alterations, with erratic characterizations, and then spotted the island, as it appeared on the horizon.

The island was not marked on the map, and at first appeared to be uncharted, and one of the legendry islands of the Pacific.

This island is not on the map! Brydon confirmed, in his tall, serious, technical way, from the doorway of the other compartment, where the scientists were at work.

Brydon glanced sideways, at the window – and at the island.

Parker was the owner and leading research scientist, and was responsible for organizing things, and all the screw-ups, and he did not accept that any island in the 21st century could be uncharted – even if it was undersized.

We’ll just ignore it for now! Parker firmly replied.

Carlton, a smaller, older, gray haired scientist, pushed passed Brydon, through the doorway.

I’ll have someone contact the mapping company responsible, Carlton continued. When we are back!

Parker nodded firmly in agreement, and they returned to where they were working in the other compartment.

The scientists aboard were testing their new version of the underground surveillance technology, developed by them, originally developed for the military – and now being used for underground scanning and mapping of the surface of the globe.

Only the two of the eight scientists aboard, Jeff Brydon and Robert Carlton, were from the original project – and associates of his – and he had unquestionably put them there

Parker, and the scientists, had become outstandingly famous when the original underground scan equipment had been released, and when it had uncovered a perfectly preserved dinosaur beneath a sea cliff in Cornwall.

He had visited Norway, where he had met up with Professor Robert Farrell, after receiving recommendations from members of the Exploration Association on Farrell’s expedition to uncover a legendry dinosaur, and he had expeditiously declared how he could help them, and he gave them an insight into his fantastic new technology, and how it could be used.

He had told them that the gravity surveying equipment could scan – without being influenced by any movements – more accurately, deeper, and faster, from planes and helicopters, than anything so far invented. The gravity detection components had once been highly confidential, and produced by leading establishments.

It was unbelievably accurate, and produced detailed mapping below the ground, at any depth, making it possible to observe objects with a perfect clarity with the dimensions of a dinosaur fossil – and from a plane.

Its potential had been rapidly acknowledged and bought by the military, whose investment into it had helped create it.

Though it had been confidential, it never lasted long! They had decided to use this technology with the regular military – to detect such things as underground bunkers and mines.

Parker had returned from an exciting project over in Greenland, searching the depths of ice there, where they had been targeting locations at the oldest regions of ice, recorded by scientists, at particular deep depths that the technology could handle, and had drilled at particular sites.

The continents had shifted considerably since the dinosaurs existed, and the right locations were rare. If they existed there!

They had notably considered going to the Antarctic, where the ice in regions had been proven to have been on the land there for millions of years. Perhaps amphibious or other prehistoric animals, which had been there, were buried there. Extinct species, and even some remaining dinosaurs, might have been roaming there, and could have been killed in avalanches or snowstorms, and frozen there.

They had used it to scan and map miles of rural Britain, and coast, expertly examining beneath beaches, cliffs, fields, forests, hills, and lakes in distinct detail. And while they had been examining the coastal region of Cornwall that had been in the central region of the co-ordinates that Professor Farrell had come up with for the location of his fossil, the scientists on the plane had caught sight of something, which had seemed little. But when they had it checked, they had found that they had to have found it.

Once again the underground scan equipment had been proven to have an accuracy beyond anything achieved, especially from a plane, and it had uncovered a perfectly preserved dinosaur beneath a sea cliff.

Other creatures had later been found buried away there.

The strange unknown prehistoric fossils had become famous worldwide, and so had Professor Farrell.

However, Professor Farrell had later vanished – and had been believed to have been killed in a warehouse explosion – but he had reappeared years later.

Chapter 2

The Second Occurrence

Although it was still evening, their work, and procedure, was weary from it being unexpectedly lengthened by the island, and the equipment showing strange reactions – possibly from damage to some of the parts or faults in it, starting to show up.

The eight scientists endeavored to inspect everything, and do what could be done in such a position – with plane flying low and over the island – over its west coast – which had a tropical beach of palm trees alone it – which was only broken at the center with an area of a mile with a large perpendicular cliff.

Parker worked away, at the edge of the action, near the window, studying readouts given to him by Carlton, making some conclusions, and giving his findings into a microphone, or to Brydon, while occasionally examining the island appearing below in glances.

The island was a bright, desolate, and roughly round tropical island, about thirty miles across all round it, and basically flat, covered by tropical trees, with dense jungle areas, and golden sand patches – except for a curious massive fifteen-mile round cavity – which was volcanic or meteoric, and about five miles inland from the area in front of them, on the west coast.

The cavity reached down more than a thousand feet all around it, with perpendicular cliffs, and after it, almost five miles inland, there was a single five-thousand-foot cone-shaped volcanic mountain – which was about five miles from the eastern coast.

Parker watched in amazement as all the instruments one by one began reacting furiously, and the scientists with them, and Brydon after checking everything rushed over to him.

"Tell us of the strange magnetic phenomenon that was encountered in Cornwall …!" he asked Parker urgently.

His firm, defined composure, and his mention of encounter made Parker jump to attention.

"By a phenomenon, which was never properly explained, accurate scientific compasses – wildly oscillated and spun when they encountered the Cornwall site.

A form of powerful magnetic influence, or something of that nature, acted upon it, and the scanning done there.

"Well, we seem to have found another encounter – and it’s tremendous! The more we move up the island the more powerful it is getting …!"

Is it directly ahead of us!

Nope! It’s somewhere inland – up ahead!

Parker received one of the readouts on it, and stared at it with amazement.

What could create such power? It must be colossal!

Someone must be playing around with something out here! Are there any military or similar establishments out here?

I never heard of this island – or of anything out here. But why would it be built out here? Why would they be using anything or experimenting on something out there though?

Perhaps they are using or creating something too dangerous to be activated in an inhabited zone!

That would also explain it being an uncharted island!

And perhaps like the atomic explosions detonated in the Pacific …

What could create such a powerful magnetic disturbance?

It could be a natural phenomenon though.

Or more like someone wants to manipulate the Earth’s core or something!

What are your assumptions, Carlton? Brydon called over.

"We can’t find any proper conclusions," Carlton answered firmly.

Whatever it is, we will need more reasonable clues, Parker replied.

He thought through possibilities.

The major factor was that it had happened at Cornwall.

Had they found something else?

The adrenalin of the scientists was visibly rushing through their veins, overwhelming them.

At any rate, Brydon continued, there are stories of occurrences about the globe. The Bermuda Triangle for one. It was supposed cause such a magnetic effect – just before ships and planes vanished!

If I remember rightly, Parker Replied, "it was believed that at the Cornwall incident that there could be some sort of natural or artificial element around – such as a mass of magnetic iron. Perhaps the reactions created by even a tremendous meteorite!

A mountain of magnetic iron ore in a purer state, he stated, looking out at the immense fifteen-mile round cavity, inland, up ahead of them.

Okay! It’s coming from where we are going ...

Many of the scientists started getting strange findings, and Parker and Brydon watched their startled faces, with curiosity.

All over the plane electronic equipment started flickering and giving out sparks, on the verge of breaking down.

The scanning equipment started to blank out, as if fluctuations of energy were overpowering it.

Shut down everything before it is damaged! Brydon called.

We’ll have plenty of time to check everything later … Parker gasped – as he realized the plane was diving lower and lower – and one of the pilots announced them crash-landing.

The plane’s electronics were also flickering on and off, and, consequently, began to stop working.

The scan equipment was very important and of value, and still almost top secret, and they tried to save it from being damaged – before they all started to prepare for the crash-landing.

The plane hurtled down, as all the scientists rushed around, almost in confusion, while still trying to collect any data, check everything, as they protected all of equipment from as much damage as they could.

The two pilots tested what they could perceive, and started to land the plane on the water near the tropical shore.

We’ve lost all contact with base, one of the pilots confirmed, as he helped them.

Remarkable! Parker remarked, preparing himself for the landing – and even possibly a swim to the shore.

The plane flew in low, at a regulated pace, which gave him some reassurance.

There are some inflatable life rafts there! the pilot announced, and pointed at the back, and some of the scientists went to them.

At the window, Parker saw an expanse of Pacific waves, shifting around with some velocity and energy, and he saw the island was too far from anywhere – and beyond civilization – to expect any help.

They all fastened themselves into their seats, and prepared themselves, as it plummeted, as perfectly as could be expected, and swept across the water, without damaging the plane, even with its deep shudders and thuds – and it halted, in silence – and they heard water rushing in – and it started to sink, while they escaped.

Chapter 3

The Fantastic Island

The patterns of tones of waves rushing across the golden tropical beach awakened Parker from his light slumber, and he restored his investigation of the mystifying episode of the previous day.

Brydon was now organizing the scientists, and inspecting the equipment in under the coverings that they had put it in, under the shelter of the trees, protecting it from the outdoor conditions.

When Brydon had finished, Parker called him over.

What did they record in the scan of this place? he asked enthusiastically.

They detected something incredible … the tall scientist replied slowly, ruggedly. He was lacking sleep, either from the conditions of the island or the events of

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