Golf Bragging Rights Guide: A Step By Step Guide To Claim Bragging Rights on the Golf Course

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Golf Bragging Rights Guide: A Step By Step Guide To Claim Bragging Rights on the Golf Course

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About the Expert:
My name is Danial Naqvi and I am a teenager with a big dream and determined ambitions. I study Human Geography at Queen Mary University of London and hope to inspire a generation to assist an unrepresented society in the global sphere. I have played golf for 12 years and gained a rather unique insight into the game. I have a passion for explaining the psychology of golf to anyone who wants to hear it, that’s how you can improve. Between golf and university, I enjoy writing freelance for companies and hanging out with friends.

Book Description:
• Chapter 1: A gentle introduction into advice that every other golfer will try and pass off as good knowledge, but will ultimately lead to your demise.
• Chapter 2: Exposing all golfers’ worst nightmare, practice, and explaining the importance of being “in the know” when it comes to golf.
• Chapter 3: Dusting away the cobwebs of your bank account may be the only way to show off to your friends, especially when you are under practiced
• Chapter 4: The correct mindset is essential to complete a full round of golf, without your head screwed on you’ll lose shots left and right, but not centre.
• Chapter 5: This chapter is for the deceitful, there are ways to make it easier by cheating through it. Unfortunately, doesn’t show much sportsmanship, but what’s sportsmanship between friends.
• Chapter 6: Odd bits and bobs that didn’t fit into the body of the text but are helpful to keep in mind for any sort of occasion.
• Chapter 7: Learning how to play the shots you have always wanted to, they are hard but with some instruction might seem easier than ever before.

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