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Recipes included in this excerpt:
Grilled Broccoli with Parsley, Garlic, and Anchovies
Campfire Bacon and Eggs in a Bag
Grilled Spanish Mackerel with Green Sauce
Fried Okra with Indian Spices and Hot Tomato Relish
Garlic and Black Pepper Soft-Shell Crabs

Cooking in the Moment presents recipes arranged from spring through winter, chronicling Andrea's simple dishes built around what's best at the market as well as the challenges of balancing life and preparing wholesome meals for her family of four. Warm, personal, journal-like entries thoughtfully explore ingredients such as heirloom apples or sweet potatoes, which just might be a better first food for babies than processed rice cereal. Lush color photography rounds out the experience. Recipes range from full-fledged ones to charming, informal
paragraphs of beautifully written technique tips. A few of the standouts include:

Grilled Grass-Fed T-Bone with Crispy Herbs
Pork Shoulder Braised in Hard Cider
Fresh Peas with Butter, Lettuce, and Green Garlic
Sour Cream Ice Cream with Sorghum

A gorgeous, practical cookbook that will inspire both seasoned cooks and eager amateurs alike with its year of irresistible, sustainable possibilities, Cooking in the Moment is the rare cookbook that readers will be as eager to curl up with and read cover-to-cover as they will be to cook from.

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