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Love From A Distant Horizon: A Trio of Historical Romance Novellas

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The Irish Woman & Her Mysterious Fiancé - An Irish woman is promised to a man in Texas by her father, in return for a dowry to be sent back to her family in Ireland. She is picked up by one of his crew in New York, to be taken by wagon to Galveston, Texas. The funny thing is, her driver doesn’t seem to remember her fiancé’s name and it’s only after a minute that he recognizes it. During the trip she is doubtful that everything will turn out all right, especially when she sees her intended and his startling blue eyes. It’s during the settling in period that things begin to go awry.

The English Governess Meets The Cowboy - A governess from England is hired to go out west and become the teacher to a widower’s four children, and perhaps, something much more. When she arrives the two younger girls take to her immediately but the cowboy and his two other children are a bit in shock over her appearance, even though they have seen a photo of the woman before.

Pregnant & Widowed, But Not Telling Her New Husband - A woman is suddenly widowed, finds herself pregnant, and hurries to find a new husband in America. She does not tell the stern man who meets her at the train station about her former life for months, and when he finds out, the baby is due anytime.

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