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90th Anniversary Edition Shooting Star

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Nearly everyone is familiar with Amelia Earhart. But very few know the story of another woman aviator, who, until now has remained little more than than a footnote in aviation history - that is, until now. Shooting Star tells the story of Mildred Doran, who, in 1927 set her sights on becoming the first woman to fly from the West Coast of the United States to Hawaii, a distance of 2,400 miles. She was a participant in the Dole Transpacific Air Race which, promised fame and fortune to the first aviator to land at Honolulu from Oakland, California. This is her story.

NOTE: This is the 90th anniversary edition with more information and more photos.

ADVANCE REVIEW -  "As a crew chief on the US's first jet fighter, the P-80 'Shooting Star,' and being stationed at Selfridge Field in Michigan, I was pleased to read the story of another Michigan native, Mildred Doran. The book is a great read for anyone with an interest in early aviation. My father, Mark Brann, the 3881st person to be licensed to fly in the US and who knew Harriet Quimby, the first female licensed pilot, would have loved this book."

Don Brann, WNC Air Museum Hendersonville, NC

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Richard DuRose is Mildred Doran's nephew although they never met due to Mildred's early death.  Before his retirement, DuRose was a corporate lawyer in Ohio and Florida. Now he is living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.  He has been researching the story of Mildred and the Dole Race for over a decade and continues to be interested in the stories of the participants of the race.  He may be reached through his email at:

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