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Unexpected Company

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Father. Brother. Ex-husband.

Keir Martin is starting his life over in Las Vegas, but he’s not alone. His sons are with him, and they’re what’s important. After his ex-wife left all of them, he can’t even begin to think about bringing another woman into their lives, but then he meets her...

Vice-President. Friend. Lover.

Grace Faulkner has worked hard to earn her place in Corporate America, despite the men who tried to bring her down. She’s impressed with Keir’s work, but not the man himself, until he romances her, and makes her feel special. His sons make everything with him even better, and she’s soon in love with all three of the Martins.

The past. The present. The future.

Their fears from the past prove to be too much for them, shattering what they’ve built, and threatening everything they could have with each other. Can love, and two little boys, bring them back together, or will the past always be in the way?

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