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Heart To Heart: Romance Writing For Beginners: Romance Writing, #1

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Love makes the world go round, and of all the genres in fiction, romance, with its many sub-genres, is the most popular.

Perhaps you've wondered whether you can write it.

You're not sure what kind of romances to write. You can write steamy romances -- even outright erotica. If steamy romance fiction isn't your style, you can opt to write sweet and tender romances; the choice is always yours.

Here's the most important factor in writing romance: heart. Readers read romance to escape. All fiction is entertainment; romance fiction is driven by emotion, more than anything else.

In this book we cover:

* How to get started writing romance fiction;

* How to enjoy writing it; and 

* How to sell your romances.

I started my writing career as a romance novelist. I adore the genre, and I hope that this book will inspire you on your own journey to becoming a successful romance author.

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