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The Prodigal's Welcome: Includes Bonus Story of My Beloved Waits by Peggy Darty

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Two Historical Romances Face the Challenges of Rebuilding the Old South
The Prodigal’s Welcome by Kristin Billerbeck
Rediscover this classic romance from bestselling author Kristin Billerbeck. Nathaniel Pemberton left his Mississippi plantation upbringing to seek a golden fortune in California. He assumed nothing at home would change—but then the War Between the States broke out. Fighting to defend the family home, Nathaniel’s brother lost an arm but won Nathaniel’s childhood sweetheart. When Nathaniel decides to return home, no one, it seems, but his father is entirely happy to see the prodigal son. Where does Nathaniel belong?  Can he find the forgiveness his heart longs for?
My Beloved Waits by Peggy Darty
Grace Cunningham is the only one left to care for her ailing mother and to defend their small Alabama farm from Yankee carpetbaggers. When a Northerner, Jonathan Parker, appears at their front door, Grace doesn’t want to trust him. But circumstances force her to work with the Yankee stranger who claims to bring a message entrusted to him by Grace’s dying father. 

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