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Monster of Monsters #1 Part One - Kristie Lynn Higgins

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Part One

Mortem's Opening

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Start One Of These Series

by Kristie Lynn Higgins

Chapter One

The Trials And Joys Of Life

A young girl wearing a school uniform sat by herself under the shelter and shield of a great oak tree. The sounds of other children could be heard in the distance, but they nor she could see one another behind her woody fort. She ignored their laughter that bid her to join them on the playground, and she also ignored their conversations that talked of worlds she could never belong to. The girl had found peace that was very rare to her, and she was enjoying the few minutes she had left before she would have to join the other children and learn.

She sat alone on a small blanket next to a spiderweb that she could easily touch if she stretched out her hand, and she watched as the wind gently rocked the web. The morning dew that clung to its glistening threads fell off as sparkling droplets to the grass with each soft gust that blew their way. A brown spider the size of a quarter made its home there, and it didn't seem bothered by the wind or her presence.

Would you like some cheese? she offered the spider after she broke off a small piece of her breakfast.

It stared at her for a few seconds as if curious about her as much as the young girl was curious about it, and then it shook its head.

What about a cracker? the young girl questioned as she broke off a piece, and the spider shook its head again. What would you like to eat? I'm not sure I know what you eat. We haven't learned about you and your kind yet.

The young girl spent as much time as she could alone. The other children could be cruel, and she found that she was happier alone. The young girl also found that if she looked hard enough she could find little wonders of the created world. They were hidden but all around her.

The young girl held the cracker out as if expecting the spider to answer her, and then she pulled back the piece of cracker and cheese and ate them herself. She started to ask the spider another question when the spider turned its attention to four older girls as they walked by on a path that had a clear view of her shelter and shield. The young girl noticed them and leaned up against the tree so not to be noticed by the older girls.

I heard Karen will be devoured next, one of them said.

Karen..? Which clan is claiming her? the oldest girl, who was eight, questioned.

The White Crane Clan wishes to devour her and claim her as one of their own, the first girl replied. Her birth clan will most likely allow the White Crane to claim her, and Karen will be adopted.

The White Crane is a strong clan, the oldest girl stated. Karen is blessed.

Yes, she's blessed, the other three girls repeated.

The first girl noticed the girl sitting under the oak who was trying to hide from them, so she motioned from the path and asked, Who is that?

Never mind her, the oldest girl replied.

Who is she? the first girl repeated. I would really like to know.

The oldest girl became angry and replied, I will not speak her name.

The second oldest girl sighed, and then she said, Her name is Kein (Kīn).

The fourth member of their group inquired, What's the big deal? Just who is Kein? She asked the oldest girl, Is she a rival of yours?

That toddler! the oldest girl yelled. She's worse than a rival. She's a nobody at our school. She is ruining the purity of our people. The oldest girl turned and motioned for the others as she said, Come on, I don't want to waste any more time talking about her.

The second oldest girl glanced at Kein once more before joining the other three girls who had started back across the path, and Kein breathed a sigh of relief as she turned to the spider and said, It's okay. They're gone. We can go back to our picnic.

Kein picked up a small round fruit and offered it to the creature, Ms. Spider, would you like a grape?

She looked at Kein with her eight eyes and then shook her head.

I wish I knew what you ate, Kein spoke, but before she could say anything else, a voice above her called out.

What are you doing down there?

Kein looked up into the oak tree and saw a boy who was six and slightly older than her, hanging upside down from a branch.

He smiled at her,