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A Parachute in the Lime Tree

128 pages4 hours


Ireland, April 1941. German bombers are in the air, about to attack Belfast. Four people’s lives are about to intertwine in a climate of war, exile, and ever-uncertain neutrality.

Oskar, a war-weary Luftwaffe conscript, longs for escape. Meanwhile, his sweetheart Elsa, who was forced to flee Berlin for Ireland two years ago, is haunted by the plight of the parents she left behind. After a chance encounter with Elsa, young medical student Charlie finds himself falling in love.

In remote Dunkerin, Kitty awakes to find a parachute trapped in one of the lime trees. When she discovers Oskar, injured and foraging for food in her kitchen, he becomes a rare and exciting secret. But Ireland during the ‘Emergency’ is an uneasy place, and word of the parachute soon spreads.

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