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God Remembered Rachel: Women's stories in the Old Testament and why they matter

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The women of the Old Testament are brought to life afresh in this compelling and sensitive retelling of their stories in a feminist and Christian context. Williams both celebrates affirming texts and tackles the challenge of difficult ones. Her wide-ranging treatment of varied stories about very different women reveal the rich tapestry of interweaving texts about women contained in the Old Testament and the patriarchal agendas that shaped them. Whilst they belong to a different time, culture and set of values, Williams draws out their evergenerative capacity to afford us insight for today's church and world.' Katharine Dell, Fellow and Director of Studies in Theology, University of Cambridge 'Some of these texts delight, some horrify, and some perplex, but under Williams careful tutelage we are challenged to reflect afresh on how it is these texts continue to address us today.' David G. Firth, Lecturer in Old Testament and Director of Research, St John's College Nottingham

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