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Getting Away With Murder - The Kray Twins were convicted of four murders but in reality the deaths numbered ten

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One time jewel thief Lenny Hamilton is still a well-known character in the East End. Respected for actually castigating the Kray brothers on television while they were still alive, he wrote his autobiography, Branded by Ronnie Kray, which detailed Lenny's own life and the night when Ronnie Kray branded him with red-hot pokers.Lenny was an outspoken critic of the Krays even before their deaths and he has attempted to put the record straight concerning their celebrity status, work for charity and the number o murders they committed aside from the well-known victims Jack 'the Hat' McVitie and George Cornell. Lenny knew both of these men and believes that they didn't deserve to be murdered.This is Lenny's second book, written with Craig Cabell, which blows away the myths surrounding the Kray murders and details other victims of the evil 'Brothers Grim'.Discussing the Twins' life of crime with friends and acquaintances, backed by cross-referenced quotes and other documentation - some from the National Archive - Lenny has created a highly credible story that debunks the Krays' celebrity status and shows them as even more reckless and murderous criminals than formerly believed. Getting Away with Murder is the shocking story of Britain's most famous gangsters.

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