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Jasmine and Arnica

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Since childhood, Nicola Naylor had been enthralled by India: "Images of goddesses and temples with monkeys, elephants and colourfully dressed people crowded my imagination. I wanted to go there. But my travel fantasies dissolved when I lost my sight as I was finishing university." Disregarding the warnings of others and her own private fears, Nicola Naylor set out on a journey through the India she had always imagined but had never seen. It was a dream she knew she must follow in order to come to terms with her blindness. As an aromatherapist, there was a practical aspect to her endeavor: to find instruction from the ancient techniques of the region which she could apply in healing others. But in daring to step into the unknown, Nicola found for herself a renewed trust in the world, and more importantly, rediscovered her self-belief. This is the inspiring account of her unique journey. Told with a vivid and evocative insight, Jasmine & Arnica is a story of a young woman's determination, a celebration of the power of vision beyond sight. It reveals what's closest to the heart and uncovers life's most precious, unseen joys.

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