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Anna Weiss (NHB Modern Plays)

96 pages50 minutes


An explosive, gripping and disturbing play about the phenomenon of False Memory Syndrome.

Winner of the 1997 Edinburgh Festival Critics' Award

Anna Weiss is a hypnotherapist, specialising in revealing 'lost' memories. Under her care, twenty-year-old Lynn has begun to 'remember' a long history of sexual abuse by her father. When Lynn confronts her father, David, he protests his innocence vehemently - so are Lynn's memories real or are they dark auto-suggestions?

Anna Weiss prompts intense speculation on our need for faith in each other, as we watch three lives plummet into an abyss of mutual mistrust.

'This is one of those rare plays that leaves an audience emotionally overwhelmed and desperate to talk about what they have just seen... Cullen has joined the major league of contemporary dramatists' - Daily Telegraph

'A piece of theatre as intriguing and slippery as any you are likely to see this year' - Independent

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