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Bob and the River of Time

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Meet Bob as he journeys along the magical River Mumbles, which flows through Grumbledown. The river takes Bob on an unexpected, topsy-turvy journey through the seasons, and on his way he sees a host of different creatures and plants.

Bob and the River of Time is a fantastical, educational picture book written and illustrated by James Garner. It is a charming, fun short story ideal for entertaining and inspiring children (it's suitable for children aged 3 years and upwards). At the same time, the characters, scenery and changing seasons Bob encounters on his journey will teach children about wildlife and nature. Bob and the River of Time introduces children to the weather, the four seasons and plant and animal life, and also teaches the importance of maintaining a positive outlook when you aren't sure where your journey is taking you. The book is beautifully illustrated with over 100 real-life animal characters, with detailed information about each one at the back of the book. This attention to detail ensures that each time you open the book you'll discover something new and the calming flow of the story will send children to a place of tranquil and inspired imagination. Searching for the many creatures and plants within the book is a great way to focus a child's mind, especially if their mind has a tendency to wander!

Bob and the River of Time is a story full of wandering and wondering. Join Bob as he learns one of the most simple, eloquent and powerful lessons life can teach. For children age 3+ years.

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