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King's Heart: Covenant of The Fallen

441 pages6 hours


Book 3 of The Odin Blood Series

Two years after surviving the siege of Nornör by King Bersek and his Berserkers, Finn Úlfurson struggles to balance his life among his people, and the time he spends trapped in wolf form. His king and friend, Folkvar is as understanding as any friend can be, but even he doesn't understand the stress of Finn's curse or the burden of the promise he made to his beloved that has yet to be fulfilled.
A mysterious ring that once belonged to Finn's father, the late and great King Úlfur, resurfaces after being lost for many years. It is the ring of Stoldtleder, the first king and founder of Nornör, gifted to him by Thor centuries ago, which granted the legendary king the might of a god. Finn places the ring upon his finger, but instead of wielding the power of gods he is given terrible visions of a future ravaged by plague and horrific beings of great might laying waste to all of Norway. It isn't until his home suffers an tragedy like never before that his nightmare truly begins.
With the aid of a seeress named Freya, Finn sets out with the ring to walk the same steps that Stoldtleder walked in an age past with the hope of restoring the ring's faded power so that he might use it to save his home and his people. But they know little about the true nature of this ring and its covenant, and whether they are making this pilgrimage by their own volition, or if they are being led by a greater force...

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