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A Diamond in the Sky

425 pages7 hours


Dora spends a lot of time watching the mobile of the planets above her daughter's cot and listening to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star...Her relationship with Steve has been stretched to its limits by the death of their baby duaghter. Taking her niece and nephew skating on Saturdays and star-gazing with her twin brother are her only escapes.Tom is in crisis - he's been sacked from his job teaching in a North London comprehensive for a forbidden relationship. And now it seems Mel is pregnant, though she denies the child is his - not that anyone believes her, especially not school or her Dad. Tom escapes north to Oxford, where his twin sister lives. Brought together by their respective siblings, Dora and Tom spend a night together in Wales that changes their perspective on their own problems with potentially tragic results...

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