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Square Mile of Murder: Horrific Glasgow Killings

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Four of Britain's most notorious murders took place within a square mile of Glasgow's city centre around the turn of the last century. Madeleine Smith was accused and found 'Not Proven' of lacing her doomed lover's late night cocoa with arsenic; an 83-year-old woman was brutally battered to death; Oscar Slater, an innocent man, was jailed and Jessie McPherson was brutally struck 40 times with a meat cleaver. Equally chilling are the crimes of Dr Edward William Pritchard, 'The Human Crocodile', who had the coffin lid unscrewed so that he could kiss the lips of the wife he had murdered by slow poisoning. Jack House unravels the fascinating details of the police investigations to provide an insight into these four famous cases. This new illustrated edition also contains a touching profile of Jack House by Robert Jeffrey, Glasgow's true crime expert who brings the Madeleine Smith case up to date and an Introduction by Donald R. Findlay QC, one of Scotland's most celebrated advocates.

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