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Never Mind the Drop Goal: The Unofficial Rugby World Cup Quiz Book

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The Rugby World Cup: it’s the scrum of the earth, the biggest, the best and the most prestigious rugby union tournament in the world. It also throws up some of sport’s most enduring and exciting rivalries, as well as the age-old culture clash of northern versus southern hemisphere. But do you know your All Blacks from your also-rans? Your hooker from your haka? Or do you think a 99 goes in an ice cream?
Never Mind the Drop Goal is the ultimate collection of Rugby World Cup teasers. Test yourself and your fellow fans individually or as a team, in the pub, in front of the TV, or en route to a match. Some questions are as tough as a touchline kick for goal; others as straightforward as a penalty in front of the posts. First question: are you up to the challenge?

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