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The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire, The Beginning:
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Josef, an ancient Vampire is returning from a business meeting when he senses a Wolf in trouble. The amount of blood he can scent is telling him that the Shifter will, most probably, not survive. So why does he stop? Why does he ruin one of his best suits to rescue the beast?

He is unsure, but he does, taking the Shifter back to his home to watch over it as it slowly heals. When Gabe, the Wolf, awakens, his cheeky repartee causes something to happen that Josef didn’t think he was capable of again. He smiles, even laughs, at the cheeky wit of the young Wolf.

What happens next? Will Josef and Gabe become friends? Will the young Wolf like the somber, ancient, Vampire?

Read the story of The Beginning: Josef Meets Gabe, the start of The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire saga.

This is a standalone novella telling the story of when Josef meets the mischievous Wolf, Gabe.

Published: A K Michaels on
ISBN: 9781519900920
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The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire, The Beginning: - A K Michaels

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Chapter 1

Josef’s car trundled along the back road, his hands running around the steering wheel. This was his first longer journey in his new Brewster-Knight 41 Landaulet, and he wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. It was certainly a new innovation in the world of the automobile but it was like most of the others; not a very comfortable ride.

Sighing as the motor car took him away from his last business deal, once again buying up large swathes of land, he knew he had hours of driving ahead of him. Settling into the seat his enhanced sight certainly helped him navigating the unlit roads. How humans weren’t being killed right, left and center, he wasn’t sure, but then again, most of them were tucked up warm in their beds. Not driving these godforsaken roads.

Another hour passed, Josef slowing to steer around a steep curve in the road. Frowning he almost cursed, Road, they call this a road, more like a dirt track. He thought as his senses picked something up, his Vampire nose scenting blood; a lot of blood.

There was a time when he was newly turned that he’d have gone insane with bloodlust at such a smell, now he only tried to process things. The blood was most certainly from another ‘Supernatural’, probably a Wolf, a young one too. Slowing the vehicle further he stuck his head out the side, taking a deep breath in and knowing the Wolf was in trouble.

No being could be losing that amount of blood and not be in trouble.

Josef used his ancient abilities and clearly sensed the injuries the young Wolf had and knew if it was left then it would surely die. None of my business. He thought as his foot lifted off the accelerator, slowing his car even further.

He wasn’t sure of the how’s or the why’s but before he was even conscious of it he’d stopped the car and got out. His nose twitching to latch onto the scent and heading into the woods at the side of the road. Josef cursed as his brand new hand-made shoes sank into mud, fastidious as always he almost laughed when he’d asked his tailor to make him silk underwear.

At the man’s shocked look Josef shrugged, What? It’s all the rage in France.

His tailor smiling and nodding his head, Of course!

Josef stopped in between the trees, his head cocking to the side as he listened avidly, catching the labored breaths of the Wolf. The beast was off to his right so he turned, wondering again what the hell he was doing as he traipsed further into the forest. It’s not as if he would normally be a ‘Good Samaritan’ but something had almost forced him to stop.

Josef shook his head, not sure what was going on as he trod on through the detritus on the forest floor, knowing his shoes would have to be thrown out. He most definitely would not wear them again and they were one of his favorite pairs, scowling as he neared the downed Wolf.

He walked around the large animal, seeing the damage from what had obviously been a vicious fight. The Wolf was young, not much more than a cub really, blood from its many wounds soaking the thick fur. What did you do, Wolf? Challenge your Alpha? Sniff around the wrong She-Wolf? Josef bent down, running a hand over its ruff, You’re in a state aren’t you? I’m not sure you are going to survive, young Wolf, but I trekked all the way out here so no point in me leaving you to die alone.

Using his Vampire strength Josef easily hefted the very large beast up and over his shoulder, My suit shall be joining my shoes in the garbage. He muttered as he started back towards his car. Hope you are worth all this trouble, Wolf. Whoever you are.

As he carried the dead weight back towards the road it stirred, a low growl emanating from its throat for a mere moment before it resorted to the unconscious state he’d found it in. Still got a bit of fight in you, youngster? Well your growls do not upset me. I’ve dealt with far worse than an injured Wolf in my time.

The bleeding beast didn’t stir as he laid it in the backseat of his automobile, I’ll have to have this car completely reupholstered after this. What am I thinking rescuing a damn Wolf? Josef slammed the door, getting in the front and driving off. "We better not encounter