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Guardienne: Called to Serve

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Synne City Super Heroine in Peril fiction at its finest!

Beautiful and powerful, Guardienne is a super heroine coming out of retirement. She wants to prove herself. Guardienne's secret alter-ego is the newly Mayor of Synne City, and she finds herself pulled in different directions by Barbara Daul and Armand Germaine, with dire consequences if she chooses wrong.

Dark forces are on the move, poised to strike at the heart of Synne City's Super Heroine Corps just as Guardienne and two other new super heroines join the team. Ms Amazing also finds herself besieged on three fronts: heroine, personal, and business. And newly elevated Fury struggles with her own dark choices.

They are super heroines, so are Called to Serve, no matter the consequences.

This is a novella of approximately 35,200 words of actual story. This is a great story if you want a fun, adult super heroine in peril romp.

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About the Author:
JK Waylon loves to read and write Fantasy and Erotica, and it they are combined, even better. He has a lifelong love of comic books and sexy super heroines, too.

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