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Your Persona... the Mask You Wear

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What if I could change your life...transform you into the intelligent loving person you were born to be? What if I could teach you the simple techniques to communicate with your co-workers, family and friends in a whole new and inspiring way? What if I could show you how to have the most rewarding career or the most intimate relationship?

Your Persona...The Mask You Wear, has been taught to thousands of people around the world through my workshops and seminars and I am so excited to share it with you now in e-book and softcover format.

Constance Santego
Since 1999, Constance has been helping people to better understand themselves. Over her many years of clinics, retreats, courses, and books, many people, such as yourself, have bettered their lives by learning how to fully understand the amazing power of their mind, body, and soul.

The four communication channels (also known as Celestial Languages) - Audio, Knower, Visual, and Feeler - Connie believes was a gift from God, her prayers were answered when she asked for help in the first years of teaching. In ‘Your Persona... The Mask You Wear’ you will identify with your main channel, gaining precious insight on how you learn and love. By mastering your personality channels you will be able to communicate with others on a whole new level, creating a connection that promotes motivation, inspiration and transformation in yourself. Understanding why your students, children, husband, parents, co-workers...excreta, are the way they are and how with the knowledge of the main channel personality traits of yours and theirs can benefit you in more ways then money can ever buy.

‘Your Persona... The Mask You Wear’ is Life Changing and Empowering!

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