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21 Green Fruit And Vegetable Smoothie Snacks: Green Fruit Yogurt Smoothies, Vegan Desserts & Herbal Veggie Bullet Blender Drinks

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21 Green Fruit And Vegetable Smoothie Snacks: Green Fruit Yogurt Smoothies, Vegan Desserts & Herbal  Veggie Bullet Blender Drinks...using a combination of these healthy low calorie smoothie recipes and delicious smoothies from this collection plus following a strict 2 month Smoothie diet with the smoothie diet recipes that are included in this book, I have been able to lose 40lbs over two month. Best of all, I have been able to stick to healthy Smoothies after my Smoothie diet and this change of habit has helped me develop and maintain a lean body and a clear mind. Inside you will get the exact same healthy smoothies recipes and low fat smoothie recipes that helped me lose 40lbs over a two month period. Best of all, these smoothies helped me keep off the pounds for good! Inside I show you exactly what I did to lose 40lbs and how I maintained a lean body after it. After having gone through this 20 day Smoothie diet (I did it over the time of 2 months), I am feeling so energized and fit. I had a great experience with this diet and this is why I'd like to share my healthy weight loss smoothie recipes with anyone who would like to lose weight in a quick, delicious and healthy way. I am also working on a Juicing for weight loss series that you can combine together with these Smoothie recipes for weight loss so that you can enjoy even more variations of these delicious healthy delights that are not only tasty, but they will also make your body lean and clean. Before I also suffered from breathing problems and Asthma, stress and sleeping problems, but since I am enjoying these healthy smoothies (I chose to keep consuming them as a lifestyle choice) combined with a light Yoga workout, I am a new person. I am so happy that I got started with changing my lifestyle from a common and unhealthy meal plan to one that includes these delicious and healthy smoothies which kind of transformed my life into a balanced, healthy, energized and clean lifestyle! I am enjoying this lifestyle so much that I decided to motivate and encourage others to get started with these healthy smoothies, too, and no matter if you'd like to lose a few pounds or if you'd like to tap into their health benefits. Depending on your own goals and preferences, you can either consume these healthy smoothies recipes to become a healthier you or you can apply them as a smoothie diet in order to develop a leaner body or to lose some pounds. Preparing these healthy smoothies does not take much time out of your schedule, and even the busiest person in the world can apply my 5 minute smoothie ritual. All Smoothies are 5 minute quick to prepare! I include plant based green smoothie recipes for weight loss, green smoothie detox recipes, vegetable & fruit smoothie recipes. Each smoothie recipe for weight loss includes a list of ingredients that you need to have in order to get started. Each smoothie does not take longer than 5 minute in terms of preparation. I include exactly the same recipes that helped me lose 40lbs over two month. The knowledge is going to empower you. Yes, you can lose weight very effectivel plus these healthy smoothies are helping you tap into some very powerful health benefits, too! Remember, each and every recipe and ingredient has its own benefits for weight loss & health. All you have to do is identify your goal and take your daily action steps. If you follow my model, you will have the same success with these delicious and healthy smoothies. One thing is for sure, if you get yourself into the habit of consuming these smoothies, you will empower and transform your body and mind with the result of a healthier, cleaner, fitter and leaner you! Welcome to the wonderful world of Smoothies! 

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